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"We highly recommend Angelo Carrabba as a builder. No one can compare to his attention to detail, his genuine concern for each client, his ability to manage each project so flawlessly and the level of integrity he brings to each contact. Angelo doesn't just build houses-he creates a home. We've had seventeen homes and by far, the one Angelo built was the best."  

Sally and Chris Gardocki

kicker/punter for Steelers

"After looking at over 40 homes, we had found our dream home in Hilton Head Island,Sc. After moving in, we found out our POA had a copy of the house plans that we could purchase. We learned that Angelo Carrabba built the house in 2003.  We contacted Angelo and he told us this home was a hebel block hard coat stucco home that is built for optimal insulation and strength. Because of this structure, we receive a large reduction in our homeowner's insurance  Neighbors told us when the house was under construction they thought the builder was constructing Fort Knox due to the amount of reinforcement placed in the walls and roof. Needless to say our expectations were blown away."

Dr. and Mrs Glenn Barker

HIlton Head, SC

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Choosing the right contractor to meet your needs can be overwhelming. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential building and a reputation to exceed expectations makes us one of the areas leading builders.
We pride ourselves in being the top at what we do. We focus on building for the future, and we know every little detail encompasses the success of your project. From multi million dollar commercial to residential we handle it all.

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Hebel has been used in Europe for over 70 years, however is still becoming increasingly popular in the US as more and more production factories open. It is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) an amazingly innovative building material used for walls, facades and floors. Hebel introduces many benefits, bringing us the future of masonry.

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