Buildings constructed of HEBEL AAC provide substantial energy savings in both hot and cold climates. The unique closed celluar structure and the thermal mass contribute to a high R-value and air-tightness which reduce heating and cooling costs and improve indoor air quality. Buildings have seen a savings on air conditioning of up to 35% by using HEBEL AAC.

Increased installation efficiency with a

faster construction timeline and smaller

crew than typical building systems. An

experienced crew of eight can set

2,400 square foot of wall space and

3,600 square foot of floor space with

one small crane per day.

Faster build time.

Why build with Hebel?

Hebel floor panels installed

Hebel gives you more peace and quiet. HEBEL AAC's high surface mass dampens mechanical vibration energy; it functions as a sound insulation and absorption barrier to deliver quieter buildings. Once finished with other traditional construction materials, such as stucco, plaster, brick and drywall, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete can meet industry STC requirements.

Better Acoustic Quality.

With the incorporation of wire rebar cages, Hebel AAC can be engineered for load-bearing applications. The thin bed mortar applied between units works like an adhesive creating a bond between units that is stronger than the material alone. Hebel AAC is up to 4 times lighter than traditional concrete, representing great advantages in transportation and material handling. Plus you will see a huge reduction in your home owners insurance.

Friendly to the environment.

Fire Resistance.


Two story house being built with hebel.

A 240 minute fire rated product that can be

installed faster than traditional fire walls, and

provide greater fire protection while saving

resources. Hebel AAC is not only

non-combustible; it heats up significantly less

and more slowly than other building materials. 

When the ASTM E119 fire water hose stream

test, at 30 psi, is performed after two hours

of temperatures in excess of 1800 °F, the two

hour fire rated sheetrock is fully penetrated within 37 seconds. Under the same test conditions, an 8” block Hebel AAC wall maintains its structural integrity and the water hose instead cleans the Hebel AAC wall.

Superior insulation.

Qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points from United States Green Building Council (USGBC) because Hebel does not emit gasses or particles that contribute to indoor air pollution

and it is completely recyclable.

HEBEL AAC products do not degrade

with time, resulting in superior

properties compared to other

construction materials. As an alkaline

material with a pH between 9.0 and

10.5, it does not cause any corrosion

to building materials. Hebel

AAC does not have any toxic

substances nor emit odors.