Falcon Building Group Llc. Residential Home Building

With over 30 years specializing in commercial buildings and residential homes, Carrabba Custom Homes emphasizes on building aesthetically pleasing projects that are built to last. From a 27 million dollar movie complex to many high end residential homes Angelo Carrabba will help you every step of the way. 

A solid foundation is essential to the success of the future, and at Falcon Building Group we take that literally. Our foundations are tied in with rebar and then poured with the perfect concrete mixture. We allow for a 30 day cure period. At this stage in the construction phase the foundation is flooded with water everyday twice a day allowing for the perfect cure. It is unacceptable for a slab to crack over time because this opens the door for structural instability. This simple process will eliminate that and after 30 days the foundation is ready to be built on. 

There are many materials available for construction, concrete block, wood and Hebel (see building with hebel), whatever the material we will make sure its built to last.

Commercial and Residential Building